Greenhouse Constructions

Gothic Modern Greenhouses

Mekoser supplies greenhouses with large internal volumes appropriate both for soil and soilless agriculture.Gothic type has been approved on every continent and in all climate. It is the most ergonomic construction for both efficiency and durability. This high performing model is one of our most popular greenhouses, due to its good balance between volume and  ventilation . Mekoser produces greenhouses which are convenient to the climate factors of each Project. The whole structure is produced from galvanized steel, starting from columns to the connecting parts including the profilies used to assemble polycarbonate and plastic etc…

Venlo Type Glass Greenhouse Systems

As Mekoser, we provide advanced technology glass greenhouses which are designed in accordance with climatic conditions of each area , they have high quality galvanized steel and aluminum structure and are produced according to the world standards, they have an automatic ventilation system and they are suitable for the assembly of glass-wiping robot apparatus.